Beetles Moth Spiders Insect Pest Control service LondonPest Killer’s UK  Insect Pest Control Service London   

Insect Pest Control Service London can help with your pest problems. Insects can cause huge amount of damage. Food products can be infected by insects that lay their eggs within food products for their newborn to feed on.

Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control experts looks for spots of insect activity. Our pest control identify the type of insect you have, study their breeding cycles and feeding habits. This helps our Pest Control to formulate the best action plan to get rid of your pest infestations.The types of insects most commonly found are:



Larder beetles, grain weevils, saw tooth grain beetle, flour beetle, yellow beetle and spider beetles.


Carpet moth and Clothes moths are the most common types of moths.

Beetles Moth Spiders Insect Pest Control service London

Heat Treatment For Beetles, Moths, Spiders, Bed Bugs,  and other Insects is 100% Guaranteed  Results!


Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control is one the only few companies in the UK that can provide insect heat treatments. Pest Killer’s UK Guarantee total eradication, we only need to do one treatment.Sometimes insects can be resistant to many chemicals, meaning  heat treatments may be the only effective method. Heat treatments can kill bugs at any stage of their life cycle, Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control guarantee same day eradication. We use the best insect heat treatment to get rid of Insects.

Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control prices cannot be matched we offer the best prices for heat treatment.Our Pest Control will give you value for money. We will not charge you thousands of  pounds and put you out of pocket. Pest Killer’s will also visit your property for free if you have any problems.

Call Pest Killers UK Pest Control Service on: (07398)057-383 for advice and appointments our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Beetles Moth Spiders Insect Pest Control service London

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