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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Anti-Viral Cleaning Specialist

Pest Killers UK will disinfect high risk areas such as passenger carrying vehicles, care homes, schools, restaurants places of worship and business. We also provide Coronavirus treatments to people individuals homes and offices.

Eventually when the government eases the restrictions and start to open offices, restaurants, pubs, shops, gyms etc, it will be important that the correct precautions are taken. This treatment will help prevent corona virus infecting you and your staff and customers. Pest killers UK pest control provide regular and one off anti-covid 19 treatments.

Call Pest Killers UK today for more information or to book your treatment.


The Pest Control Professionals

Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control service London is one of the Leading Pest control companies in London. We provide the best Pest Control Services in the industry for residential and commercial properties. Pest Killer’s UK don’t just give you value for money, we give Pest prevention advice. Our Exterminators are fully qualified under the BPCA code of practice and are CRB checked. Pest control near me if you would like to know if our pest control covers your area visit our areas covered page to make sure that our pest control in London visit you.



Pest Control Opened Today

Pest control open now we provide a 24-hour pest control service our pest control are opened 7 days a week. Pest Killers UK Pest control London has been voted the Best pest control service in London. We are a Pest Control Company with good reviews from our clients. We always offer a cheap pest control service because we believe that, it is important to offer our clients a low-cost pest control service so that our pest control company will always get recommended to others. Our pest control London prices cannot be matched tell us your offers we do our best to give you a cheaper pest control price. 

We Offer A Professional Pest Control Service

Pest Killers UK pest control always provides a Professional pest control service all our clients.  All our employees are professionally trained to RSPH industry standards. Pest Exterminator near me you can always give us a call to see if we are in your local area. This way we can provide a superfast service to you. Our Low-cost Pest Control operates in Central London, South London, East, London West London, North London, South East London our Pest control also operates in some areas in Essex. Our Pest Control office in Barking Essex has now changed location and we are now located in Newham.

Send Our Pest Control Your Pest Image

If you have pest phobia we can inspect your premises to see, if the is any pest activity in your property. If you think you may be suffering from Bed bug bites you can send us an image and we will inspect your image and tell you if it is a bed bug bite or a different pest biting you. Our Pest control offers a large range bed bug treatment in London from, bed bug heat treatment, bed bug fumigation services and other bed bug solutions according to the infestation of your bed bug. We can get rid of your bed bugs in one treatment but if you have a high infestation our bed bug pest exterminator may recommend two treatments to make sure that all bed bugs are exterminated. Pest Killers UK also provides pest control fleas in your property which can be treated in one visit. Please contact Pest Killers UK pest office for information on how to prepare for a flea treatment before a flea pest controller can visit your property. Pest Killers UK provides pest control for ladybirds which can sometimes be inside and outside of your property.

Looking For Rodent Pest Control

Mice pest control London yes we provide pest control for mice and rats infestations. Our rodent pest exterminators provide this service for residential homes commercial properties such as restaurants, hotels, leisure centre’s, schools, hospitals, estates agents and other properties. Please contact us to get a quote to find out the cost of rodent pest control services.

Looking For Cockroach Pest In London

Are Cockroaches in London or roaches affecting your home or business? We can provide fast and efficient cockroach service letting you continue your business without losing your reputation or losing your customers. Only one treatment is needed for cockroaches’ pest killers UK can have your cockroaches killed on first visit of your property.

Dead Animal Removal London

If you need removal of dead animals or insect removal from your private property or business, call Pest Killers UK Pest control and we can have your dead animal or insects removed as soon as possible. We remove dead Rats, dead mice, insects and other deceased animals. Please message our pest control office to find out if we can remove your dead pest if needed.

Looking For Mole Pest Control In London

Are you seeing holes in your garden or big hills of mud? You may have a mole problem our Pest Killers UK  pest control deal with garden moles so that you can enjoy your garden without it being surrounded by moles stealing away the beauty of your garden.

Woodworm treatment near me

 If you have woodworms in your property do not worry Pest killers UK can exterminate your woodworms for you. Pest killers UK also have spider exterminators that kill and get rid of spiders in your property and stop them from biting you. We offer a fumigation service for spiders in London and surrounding areas.

Looking For Ant Pest Control In London

Are you being affected by ants in your home or business in London we have pest control for ants we deal with pharaoh ant, black ants, ghost ants, flying ants and other common ants in London.

Looking For Moth Pest Control In London

Do you have moth making holes in your clothes? Looking for moth pest control service in London, we can exterminate moths and prevent them from entering your premises. Pest control for silverfish we can eradicate silverfish from your home we provide the best silverfish treatment for your home that will stop silverfish from infesting your home. Wasp and Bee pest control near me Pest Killers UK will get exterminate your wasp and bees nest give us a call today or send our London Pest Control a message and we can get a pest expert out to as soon as possible.

Fly Pest Control London

Fly pest control do you have flies in your home? Are flies affecting your business we provide the best solutions for fly solutions from fly lights fly trapping and fogging contact our pest control office so can arrange an inspection of your property and find you the best solution to fly problems.

Looking For A Pest Control Contract

Pest killers UK provide pest control contracts for business please contact us so we can discuss how you would like us to deliver your pest control service whether prepaid monthly or pay yearly contract.

Other Services Pest Killers UK Pest Control Offer

Pest killers UK offer other services apart from pest control we offer gardening services and cleaning services in London visit our more page to find out more information on these services in more detail.

Please check out our Residential and Commercial Pest Control services to see a full list of services we offer. If you are unsure if we can help you with your pest problem, call our fantastic Pest Control office or send us an email. Our friendly professional staff will be happy to assist you and will contact you within 24 hours


Can’t see your Pests? Call our Pest Control Service and describe your Pest. Our staff will be happy to help you and provide you with advice on prevention


pest treatment

Our Pest Control will fully inspect your property and explain the level of your infestation. Our Pest Control use advanced pest control solutions to eliminate every pest present in your property.

pest inspection

We carry out your treatment within 1 hour. Depending on the size of your home or business and amount of work needed.

pest control advice

Pest Killer's UK Pest Control Technician provide excellent preventive advice, so the same problem does not occur again, giving customers peace of mind and value for money.


You Have Questions. We Have Answers.


If you need Emergency Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control, as soon as possible and explain your situation. –  We can a send fully equipped trained pest controller out to you to eradicate your pest problems, within one hour.

  • Alll Technicians are CRB Checked and RSPH Qualified
  • We offer a Pompt 1 hour Service
  • Over 20 Years Experience in Pest Control
  • Discreet Services for all Clients
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Have unwanted Pest In Your Home or Business?

Our experts will solve them in no time.

Our Pest Controllers are fully trained, experienced, qualified Pest Controllers. Implementing the safest Pest Control techniques using environmentally friendly non- harmful Pest Control substances. Guaranteed high standard Pest Control services and customer satisfaction.

Some of our Clients

Our Pest Control have worked with a variety of households and commercial clients such as Tesco, Lidl, Asda, McDonalds and Premier Inn. If you require pest control.Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control always offer the best prices, we do not charge VAT and our prices stay the same.Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control does not want you to feel ashamed of your Pest or worried about what your neighbours or customer’s will think, so we do not drive company vans with big letters stating Pest Control. Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control offers an Emergency Pest Control service. Please call our office for more information on waiting times, if you need emergency pest control.

Low Cost Pest Control Service 

Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control do not want you to feel ashamed of your Pest or worried about what your neighbours or customer’s will think, so we do not drive company vans with big letters stating Pest Control. Pest Killer’s UK Pest Control can also arrange special discounts for Landlord and Estate agents. Call for a free customized quote. Our rates are fixed we will NEVER charge you extra for any services, without confirming prices with you and explaining exactly how much additional work will cost you. 

Pest Killer’s UK Dead Pest removal service, our Technicians are fully trained to safely dispose of dead animals and possible pest infestations which accompany them. Excellent value that you might expect from a small company, as well as the reliability and quick response of a large company. With this level of service, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the most trusted pest control businesses in the London. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated with our special offers, and the latest Pest Control news.


After going through from numerous bad experiences I came across Pest Killer’s UK and believe me they are worth giving a chance, one of the most happiest customer.

Ahsan Zaidi

Such an easy company to work with, a pest infestation was dealt with professionally and quickly. What is really important to me is discretion, and Pest Killers UK was exactly that. Thanks.

Jack Fitzgerald

I have used many pest controls during the last year due to a problem with rats in the roof of my house. If I knew about Pest Killer’s UK earlier I would have saved so much money as they were able to solve my problem as soon as I contacted them. The staff is very polite and helpful, they are genuine and friendly, I would have voted 6 stars if I could.

Casian Puia

In the past, I have received pest control services for my house from a couple of companies but I was not happy with that and it was completely waste money, then I found “pest killers UK” company who are very well trained and solved the bed bugs problem and as a result, we are living peacefully in our house as there is no single bed bug in the house. I must say that the staff was efficient and polite. The pest control is very cheap. I already recommended a few of my neighbors about Pest killers UK.

Rogue Nilson

I have used different types of Pest Control companies in the past, but this Pest Killers UK Pest Control stands out for me, it worked very well. great value for money. Good customer services, very polite and gave good advice.

Geraldine Oshodin

Best around for getting the job done well and fast. Friendly staff, knowledgeable, would recommend this Pest Control company, Pest Killers UK are the best pest control in London.

Wolf Raveneth

excellent pest control company, great service and competitive price

Tara Collins

I have a small IT firm. I was agitated by Pest’s and heard about them. From the first moment I use Pest Killers UK service, they offer an impressive pest control service in London. Will use this pest control company again if needed.

Rono Michel

I was looking for a Pest Control company near me, had a dead Rat in my back garden and was too scared to remove it myself. So I went on Google and typed up Pest Control near me and Pest Killers UK Pest control came up, they had over 100 hundred great reviews from clients so I thought I would give them a go. I called up spoke to a lovely Lady named Amanda who was able to get a pest controller out to me within 30 minutes, that was able to remove my dead rat for a small fee. Would recommend Pest Killers UK Pest control to friends and family.

Joanne Becon

Really helped me resolve my bed bug problem quickly and at great, affordable price – would highly recommend Pest Killers UK.

Lee Wilson

Great service and love the fact that they are discrete pest control company, as not everyone wants to advertise that they have a pest problem. fair rates for a professional service.

John Waite

Very professional and affordable service – helped me remove bedbugs from my home. I will be using this company again in the future if necessary.

Skip Barden

This company is by far the best that I have used with regards to the different pest control companies out there. In the past, I have wasted time and most importantly money, however pest killers UK solved the pest problem that my store had its been over a year now and there has been no problems ever since.

Joshua Mallin

After a recent extended stay in London, I unfortunately needed to call upon the services of a pest control company. I gave Pest Killers UK a call and I must say I was blown away at their professionalism. I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Joe Comp

9 months ago- This is an amazing, five-star service. I called them when I saw bed bug bite marks on my son’s arm. They came over right away and showed us the nesting bugs in the mattress. They treated the whole apartment and got rid of the bugs completely. Highly recommended.

Jay Anthony

I had a massive cockroach problem which almost forced me out of my home, so I decided to let pest killers UK to try and deal with it and they did just that, I am so thankful I found them. Give them a try.

Lucy Colman

Unfortunately in my life, I’ve had to use several different pest control companies, but I can say without any doubt now I’ll be sticking with Pest Killers UK in the future. Polite, professional and very effective. Plus an extremely competitive price.

Connor O’Driscoll

A company that is doing their job. Pest Killers prices are good compared to other companies. Also, a very friendly staff who quickly cleaned up. Best prices too!

Robert Beznea

Pest Killers prices I found to be great value for money. Staff friendly, great customer service

Aysha Eastwood

I have used different pest control companies in the past and wasted money, but pest killers UK solved my mouse problem its been over a year no bed bugs anymore

Natalie Tranter

I am thrilled with the job they did. The bed bugs have been removed and the entire bedroom now feels like when I bought my house the first time. I would highly recommend them.

James Cornish

One of the best pest control companies I have used in a long time. Quick response time and great results.Thanks for your service.

Juliette Winter

I have used other pest control services in the past and the problem just kept persisting! However, when I tried out Pest Killers UK they sorted out the problem and it never came back! Overall I am very pleased. Very good price for an excellent service.

Matthew Kemp

I’ve tried so many pest controls but it’s always a temporary solution. Pest Killers UK has finally sorted it for me. Great staff that are extremely friendly and willing to answer questions. I would recommend to anyone. 5/5

Ash Pereira

Pest and bed bugs are a issue, especially for students. Use this company and they’ll give you great advice and effect sprays and products to help with any outbreak you might have.

Chaz Pope

used other pest companies before but these are the best I’ve found! Problem sorted no flies in my property!

Charlie Brookes

Great Service at this place, they booked me in quick when I was in an emergency. Best pest control around London would defiantly recommend!.

Simon Peter

I wasted of a lot of money in the past trying to get rid of the pest in my home not until a friend introduced this brand to me. Aside from the effectiveness of their products, they have efficient and friendly staff who carry out this service at an affordable and very cheap price. I will encourage anyone to try out their service and have a firsthand experience with them.

Umukoro Kome

I been trying to solve my rat problem for years but no-one has been able to rid them completely. So glad i was recommended pest killers UK by a friend. Would definitely recommend again. Great price and great customer service.

Petey Pablo

Fast, Quick and cheap pest control. Thank you for being so kind and friendly in such a situation as ours. I hope we won’t need you again anytime soon. THANK YOU!

Susan Sinclair

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