Bed Bug Fumigation Heat Treatment Service London

Why Choose Fumigation Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs? Pest Killer’s UK is a London based company that offers specific and individually tailored fumigation heat treatment solutions. In order to eradicate all sorts of bed bugs, carpet mites, ants, cockroaches, mites, woodworms, moths, beetles and any other pest. Our  heat treatment solutions also eliminate dry rot, moulds, fungus and various pathogens as well. Our heat treatment solution gives guaranteed results, whilst keeping in mind the type of pest infestation and its life cycle.

Bed bug heat treatment is an effective method for eradicating stubborn infestations of these persistent pests. The process involves raising the temperature in the affected area to a level that is lethal for all stages of the bed bug life cycle. This is typically achieved by using specialized heaters that are strategically placed throughout the room or home to ensure the heat penetrates into cracks, crevices, and other hiding spots where bed bugs may lurk. The temperature is carefully monitored and maintained at a scorching 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours, which is hot enough to kill adult bed bugs, their eggs, and any nymphs present. This sustained, high-heat exposure essentially bakes the bed bugs, drying them out and causing their bodies to essentially cook from the inside out. The intense heat also destroys bed bug fecal matter, shed skins, and other evidence of infestation, leaving the area thoroughly sanitized. Bed bug heat treatment is considered one of the most reliable and comprehensive methods for completely eliminating a bed bug problem, as the extreme temperatures can reach and destroy the bugs in all of their hiding spots, unlike chemical treatments which may miss hard-to-reach areas. While the process requires careful planning and execution by trained professionals, the end result is a home or business that is 100% bed bug-free.

The Benefits

  • Only method proven scientifically to eradicate the pest infestation by more than 100%

  • Most effective, efficient and environment friendly method to eradicate almost every single type of pest infestation.

  • Saves time and cost due to its versatility as our system works simultaneously in all treated premises.

  • Preserve furniture no matter how bad it is infested unlike any other pest removal solution.

  • Our bespoke treatment include free of charge inspection before the heat treatment and an insecticide spray after the treatment to ensure post-treatment residual effect and reduced risk of pest recurrence.

  • Premises once treated with heat treatment will be absolutely fine to occupy immediately.

How Long Does The Heat Treatment Take?

Usually it takes one hour to complete a heat treatment, the length and price of the heat treatment solely depends on the number of the rooms to be treated. Call us now for a free consultation on 07398057383.

All areas of the London covered. Call 07398057383 now for advice and appointments.

Bed Bug Fumigation Heat Treatment Service London


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