Large Rats in Dagenham


Large Rats in Dagenham gardens

Dagenham East London is being invaded by the most common rats in the UK, which is the ‘Norway Rat’ also known as the brown rat. These rats usually live outdoors  and can grow very large but recently they been seen running around in gardens in Dagenham. These rats can gain access into properties through holes in walls or by any drains that are damaged. The Norway rat can breed rapidly so if they are left untreated can quickly result in a serious infestation. Norway rats are also known to carry the bacteria ‘Leptospirosis known as Weils Disease’ which can cause very serious symptoms in humans which can result in death.

Our pest control is getting more calls than even from residents and commercial businesses saying they have seen a rat. Rats usually come out at night but due to the large volume of rats in Dagenham shop owners and residents are seeing rats during the day.

While the sight of any rodent can be an unwelcome one in a pristine garden, the residents of Dagenham, Essex have had to contend with an especially troubling pest problem in recent years – the presence of unusually large rats lurking among the flowerbeds and vegetable patches.

These oversized intruders, easily the size of a small house cat, have become an increasingly common nuisance, scurrying across lawns and rummaging through compost heaps in broad daylight without any apparent fear of their human neighbours. Local gardeners have reported finding gaping holes dug beneath garden sheds and fences, telltale signs of the rats’ impressive burrowing abilities as they construct vast underground tunnel networks to infiltrate the community.

Theories abound as to the origins of these Brobdingnagian rodents, with some speculating that they are the product of illegal breeding experiments, while others believe the abundance of food waste in the area has allowed them to grow to such astonishing proportions. Regardless of their provenance, the presence of these outsized vermin has understandably unnerved many Dagenham residents, who now find themselves engaged in an ongoing battle to protect their carefully cultivated outdoor spaces from the depredations of their monstrous, whisker-twitching adversaries.



rats in garden Dagenham


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